Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you would like to download the FAQs in a PDF document, click here.

1. Do we live in the right area of the city to register with SEMSA?

Edmonton is split into three zones. Each zone has its own registration process and different fee structures. South Edmonton Minor Softball Association (SEMSA) registers all kids who live south and east of the river. If you live in another area you can find contact info for your zone at

2. What is the difference between softball and baseball?

  • Pitching: Softball uses the windmill style of pitching which will come across the plate low and fast (not to be confused with the high arching pitch used in adult slo-pitch). There is no pitcher's mound, just a pitching plate that is level with the infield.
  • Ball: Softballs are larger (11" or 12") and slightly softer
  • Distance: Base distances are closer.
  • No Leadoffs permitted: Stealing is allowed, but base runners cannot not leave the base until the pitch is thrown
  • Gender: None! We have both male and female teams

3. How much does SEMSA softball cost?

Fees are composed of five parts.

  1. A registration fee based on category. Review registration flyer for specifics.
  2. A fundraising fee. We offer two options:
    • selling Purdy’s chocolates (40 milk chocolate bars) paid for upfront for $90. The $90 is fully recoverable if you sell all. We offer chocolates at discounted rate for multi-child families and if families wish to sell additional boxes to help offset the cost of fees. Or,
    • a lesser flat rate donation ($50) for those who do not want to sell chocolates.
  3. $50 AGM deposit per family. This is fully refundable upon attendance at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in September.
  4. $100 uniform deposit for U10 and older. Deposit cheques are required to guarantee return of loaned uniform. Cheques are only cashed if the uniform is not returned.
  5. $75 volunteer deposit for U10 and older. We require all parents to select preferred volunteer duties during registration, and then those positions are filled through random selection. Not all parents will get randomly selected, but if you are selected and refuse the shift, then the deposite cheque will be cashed.

Please note that in the case of a cancelled registration, a $25 cancellation fee will be retained to cover administration costs.

4. Are discounts available?


  • We give $10 discount off the registration of additional siblings in multi-child families
  • Additional siblings only pay $55 for their cases of chocolates (resale value $90)
  • We allow families to purchase additional cases of chocolate at $55 to help subsidize registration costs
  • Parents who volunteer to be board members and fulfil required time/duty commitments, are exempt from registration fees.
  • Up to 3 registered coaches per team receive $50 discount off the following year’s registration fees
  • We accept community league vouchers as payment
  • We are willing to work with community groups / government agencies that sponsor sport participation (ie. Canadian Tire Jump Start) if parents provide approved documentation

5. What day and time would my child play? Where?

Games: Softball season runs during May and June, with provincial play in July for teams that qualify.

  • U6 T-ball – Tues/Thurs. Games start at 6:30, and will all be played at various diamonds on the South side of the river.
  • U8 Coach-pitch – Mon/Wed. Games start at 6:30, and will all be played at various diamonds on the South side of the river.
  • U10 Mites U14 Peewees U19 Midgets – Tues/Thurs
  • U12 Squirts U16 Bantams – Mon/Wed

Games will start at 7:00, though coaches should require players to arrive 30 minutes before game start time to ensure that kids have time to warm up and the coach has time to make line up cards and plan positions based on attendance. Games may be scheduled anywhere in Edmonton or surrounding cities (Sherwood Park, St Albert, Beaumont, Leduc or other) depending on what teams have registered.


  • U6 and U8 do not usually have additional practice times, though some U8 teams may choose to occasionally, if there is enough interest.
  • U10 and older should be having one additional practice time each week outside of regular scheduled games. Individual coaches will determine the day and time and location of practices based on player availability
  • We have some indoor gym times available as drop in practices and team specific practices in March and April. Times / locations will be determined by coach preference/availability.

City Championships: All teams U10 and older participate in City Championships. These dates vary each year but run Wednesday through at the end of June. Players need to be available to play on any day during City Championships, even if it is not their regularly scheduled day.

Additional Tournaments: Some teams (U10 and older) will decide to participate in additional tournaments that are scheduled on weekends. Dates and locations are determined by coaches based on player interest and availability. There are several tournaments in Edmonton and vicinity, but some teams may choose out of town travel. Tournament and accommodation costs are not included in registration fees. Teams may choose to group fundraise (i.e. bottle drive) or do a cash call.

6. What equipment/uniform is required?

  • SEMSA provides bases, bats, balls, pitcher face masks and catcher's equipment for all levels, and batting helmets with cages for U6, U8.
  • SEMSA provides ball caps for all levels, t-shirts for U6 and U8 (to keep) and uniform (jersey and pants) for U10 and older (on loan). U6 and U8 will wear their own track pants, sweats or leggings.
  • All players must provide their own jock or jill strap (depending on gender), ball glove, athletic shoes and water bottle.
  • U10 and older players must provide their own batting helmet

The following equipment is NOT required and is completely at the discretion of parents. As kids age through the levels, you may find benefit in purchasing some of these items.

  • Cleats (be sure to get ball cleats not soccer cleats, or metal cleats)
  • Bat (one that may be a more ideal weight / length for your child's size/ strength)
  • Infielder's face mask (if you are concerned about line drives)
  • Batting gloves
  • Equipment bag
  • Catcher's equipment (if your child specializes)

Some teams may choose to purchase team jackets etc. paid through fundraising (i.e. bottle drive) or cash call. These are not required purchases, and are at parental discretion.